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Submitted By: Melissa Overfelt
Request Subject: Garrett Dykes
Prayer Request:

Prayer request for Garrett Dykes. Garrett is our daughter-in-law, Siciliy’s, cousin. (Sicily is married to our son, Zach.) Garrett was in an accident, Friday, February 19th, coming home from his 17th Birthday dinner celebration. He was changing a flat tire when his truck was hit by an RV and rolled over him, crushing his pelvis, fracturing his back and causing internal damage to some of his organs. He is at Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Mo. He is in the NTICU (Neuro-Trauma Intensive Care Unit) and has undergone pelvic surgery and faces additional surgeries in the near future. The family asks for and appreciates prayers for Garrett’s healing, and for the strength needed for both him and his family (Mom-Cori, Brother-Wyatt and his Dad, etc) in the days ahead.

Prayer Duration: On-going

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