Passionate Worship

To help maintain the safety and well-being of our region and our community, worship is online-only at

Risk-Taking Mission

Our mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ is alive and strong.  We have a variety of ways you can get involved, just click below for more information!

Children and Youth

Kids are front and center in the life of PPC–a vital part of mission, ministry, worship, and everything. Click below to learn more!  

Where Everyone is Loved, Where Everyone Belongs

Sunday Morning Worship Online

Online worship is available here.


During this stage of the pandemic season, when schools and businesses are striving to remain as open as they can, numbers of new Covid cases are rising, and local hospitals are strained, our worship is online-only. At PPC, we see worshiping online as one way to serve our community. By removing one large, weekly gathering from the communal pool of large weekly gatherings, we can mitigate risk for our whole community and contribute to the safety and well-being of all people. 
With that in mind, we worship online, gathering for a brief prayer service on Sunday morning on Facebook Live at and for formal worship at 
Please join us, and let us worship God together!

In 2021, we are delving into the story of Jesus’ life as told through the Gospel of Luke. Learn what’s special about this gospel–which contains the only story of Jesus’ life during the gap between age two and age thirty-one, which contains the longest speech spoken by a woman in the New Testament, and which has inspired revolutions all around the world–as we explore what you’ve always known and what you may not yet know about Jesus. During this time when the world has been turned upside-down, Jesus is here as a comforter, a healer, and a revolutionary leader–who has come to both heal and transform the world. Join us, and meet the Jesus you both know and have never known, as we worship God together.

Parkville Presbyterian Church
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Church Services:

  To help maintain the safety and well-being of our region and our community, worship is online-only at  


Church School:

Sunday School meets exclusively on Zoom, with classes for elementary-aged readers at 9am, non-readers at 9:30am, and adults at 9am. See to learn more!

Be sure to check out our Upcoming Events and Calendar for happenings in and around Parkville Presbyterian.