It’s all about having fun!

Parkville Presbyterian Church (PPC) is a member of the North Metro Christian Softball League for 2017.  Please let us know if you would like to be added to our team, or if you see any information that needs updating.

We joined this league to provide a venue for community, sport and Christ’s values to collide.  Join us as we enjoy each other, a good sprint/summer evening and community among followers.

Team Roster


Steve Walker 816-289-3735 steve.walker@fleishman.com
Graham Houston 816-679-6714 ghouston21@gmail.com
Russell Jones 816-215-6847 russelljones9@gmail.com
Gregory Smith 816-365-1224 angelagregsmith@gmail.com
Wayne Frazier 816-838-1239 afamilyman58@gmail.com
Steven Andrews 816-289-3735 stevenandrews@parkvillepresby.org
Paul Erickson 816-520-4588 paulerickson@parkvillepresby.org
Chris Davis 816-820-7096 goirishfan12@yahoo.com
Nathan Staley 254-449-0231 natewillstaley@gmail.com
Raffael Lichdi 208-598-3832 anyalichdi@hotmail.com
Jakob Lichdi 208-598-3932 anyalichdi@hotmail.com
Jim Lehman 317-670-9767 cflehman1@me.com
Mike Katz 719-315-5289 michael.a.katz1@gmail.com
Rayni Taylor 318-572-1923 tryalittlepeace@gmail.com
Marcus Flores 940-642-4420 marcus@mjfpro.com
Emi Taylor 202-618-0728 tryalittlepeace@gmail.com
Mary Dixon 816-739-2624 mjdixon13@yahoo.com
Jeni Schrimsher 816-741-0744 jenischrimsher@me.com
Melissa Staley 970-630-2979 mjg2008@gmail.com
Melissa Jones 816-914-8731 majones896@gmail.com
Megan Bogener 785-218-9126 megankmw@gmail.com
Anya Lichdi 208-598-3832 anyalichdi@hotmail.com
Christina Magdrigal 423-313-0991 christinarmadrigal@gmail.com

Game Schedule

Date Time Opponent Field
11-May 6:15 Fellowship KC N. Cathedral – 101 NW. 99th St
18-May 7:15 Nashua Tower View – 7301 NE 50th St
25-May 6:15 Northwest Bible Fellowship KC – 7310 NW Hampton Rd
1-Jun 6:15 Redeemer N. Cathedral – 101 NW. 99th St
8-Jun 6:15 & 7:20 Hope Fellowship Fellowship KC – 7310 NW Hampton Rd – DOUBLE HEADER
15-Jun 7:20 Fellowship KC Fellowship KC – 7310 NW Hampton Rd
22-Jun 6:15 Nashua Fellowship KC – 7310 NW Hampton Rd
29-Jun 7:20 Northwest Bible Tower View – 7301 NE 50th St
6-Jul 6:15 Hope Fellowship Tower View – 7301 NE 50th St

Practice Field – Walnut Creek

N. Cathedral Field

Tower View Field

Fellowship KC