A New Creation

Sermon Series

August 30-October 4

Throughout Scripture, God acts in times of grief, loss, and uncertainty, to build something new and incredible in those moments when everything is falling apart. Join us each Sunday–or, if you worship online, any day–as we explore the new things God is doing in the midst of this pandemic season. Of course, we do not believe that God caused Covid-19, but we do believe God can use times like this: to reorient our values, give us more time with family, teach us to care for ourselves and each other, and create the outlines of a new world in our midst.

Sermons in this series will be dialogue sermons, where Pastor Steve explores a new topic each Sunday with a guest from the church or the community. As we explore what God is doing to work toward racial justice, build hope and resilience in individuals, and forge new possibilities for the church, we will see the outlines of a new world built on love, justice, and harmony.

Join in the conversation! Join us–as we worship God together.