PPC’s Hospitality, Worship, and Mission Change a Life

A few years ago my life turned upside down. I found myself facing many unexpected struggles. When I couldn’t understand why these things had happened to me it became easy to blame God. I stopped going to church. I isolated myself from the people around me who couldn’t understand, because it was so unlike me. They started encouraging me to go back to GOD who would always be there for me.  During this time, there was a quote someone shared with me “If God brought you to it then he will bring you through it.”

I passed Parkville Presbyterian Church every day on my way to and from work. One day I noticed it and how it looked so much like the church building I grew up in, and I remember what it was like going there. Then, one Sunday, I passed by as a service was letting out. I noticed the smiles and a couple of people hugging and I couldn’t stop thinking:  Why am I missing this? The very next Sunday I walked through the doors.  I didn’t know anyone and to be honest, I didn’t even know what ‘Presbyterian’ meant as I had been raised Catholic.  I was so surprised how many people welcomed me.  I don’t think I realized how much I missed all the smiles.

When I met with Pastor Steve after a few weeks I asked him what I could do to help, and how to get to meet people.  He told me that the Mission Ministry group would be a good fit and I said sure. I can tell you it has a made big difference; I have met some really great people, and I am still meeting new friends.  I love the community dinners and all the other projects we do. Every once in a while I still feel a little lost, but I can always say I learn something new every Sunday. I feel blessed to have met this community and Pastor Steve, who is patient when I sometimes get nervous and talk too fast. He hangs in there until I get all my thoughts together.

And there are Sundays I find something weighing on my mind, when I find myself facing a new struggle or remembering an old one. I walk into church and sure enough, there is something in the sermon that is made relevant, like it’s talking directly to my thoughts.  I believe very much God brought me here.

Very Thankful,

Kathy Plack