Parkville Living Center Art Fair!

Saturday, August 6th

We believe that every human is a creator… and we want to support you!  The Parkville Living Center will be hosting an art fair on Saturday, August 6th, 2022. We will have booths for artists, musicians, and creators of all types – and we want to see YOU and your creations too!

So if you are looking to showcase your creations, want to make a few bucks or just want to see how your creations inspire others or create connections, this fair is for you!  We are looking to fill our maker tables with hyper-local artists, meaning from Parkville, Platte County, and neighboring towns. We are looking for art of all sizes, shapes, colors, mediums and abilities. There are no barriers to entry, we will just be reviewing for obscene content, but other than that, all are welcome to participate, so long as we have space – so sign up now at