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Submitted By: Marcus Flores
Request Subject: Prayer of Thanksgiving for our loving and supportive congregation.
Prayer Request:

As we work to build a community center space at 819 Main St, within the space of Parkville Presbyterian Church, I am so grateful for the love and support of the PPC congregation. Specifically Susan Heim-Davis, who has been homebound since March and who is now helping so much with the social media presence of the Parkville Living Center (PLC). Linda Myers who is stepping up to help manage and develop community programs, Jolene Shaw who although not an official member of our congregation has been critical to the progress of the PLC, Steven Andrews with his continuous and enthusiastic support, Jan Myers who has been instrumental in aligning our efforts with the mission of the church, Lisa Weixelman whose council and perspective has made our steps forward firm in spiritual and secular ways, Marco Listrom for his wise and sage advise, and all the members of the congregation and session who I have not named, for your prayerful support and support in ways I may never know. As we work day in and day out to fulfil God’s mission on earth, we are so grateful and thankful for the ways in which PPC continues to support and strengthen our greater community. Lord, hear our prayers.

Prayer Duration: 11/29/2020

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