Parkville Presbyterian Church – Money Talk

Learning: Starting at the Present


We start with grace, hope and love. We know money is complex and our experiences with money are complicated. We also know that when a heavy load is lifted by many, that it becomes a lighter load. We hope to share some of our experiences and learning with you, to bring more hands to you and lessen the load.

Getting Started


Get started by completing the form here and letting us know a little more about you and what brought you here. We love learning about new people and new experiences and we love walking beside our neighbors and bringing Hope and Love into the equation. 

Once you submit the form, within 2 business days someone will reach out to you and schedule a time to connect, one on one. From this one-on-one meeting we introduce you to the learning path, but more importantly we connect you to our sharing path, which is the ongoing path that lets us connect with others and share our stories as we learn from others about how we need each other and how we need Hope, Faith and Love.

Money Talk - Learning Intake