Welcome to Parkville Presbyterian Church’s

Money Talk


A part of our culture is money. Money is an intermediary, a token used to exchange for good and services. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Many people have very complex relationships with money, and we here at Parkville Presbyterian Church wish to be a resource for you or other members of our community that may want to walk with someone as they learn about money, learn about saving, budgeting, investing, growing, saving and sharing. We believe that NO ONE GIFT IS GREATER THAN ANOTHER and we aim to share our experiences which demonstrate that belief. No matter where you are in your journey to understand, save or share your monetary resources, we have a team of members who are here to listen, share, help – to be in community as we individually sort through our complex relationship with money. 

We have focused our engagements in three section; present, future and sharing. Please let us know where you see yourself in your money journey, where you might need assistance or where you might want to bring your experiences to the table in order to share and help others. If you want clarification or to ask a question, you can either call into the church office at 816-741-1641 or email at church@parkvillepresby.org. We look forward to learning from you, sharing with you and helping in any way we can.


Learnings - Starting at the Present

This is a great starting point. In this path we help with some of the basic money talk topics, such as budgeting, income, priorities, or just getting to know what complexities you are dealing with. This path starts off with a 1-on-1 session with a member of our congregation who has many years of experience in financial education, counseling and advocacy. We start with meeting you where you are, and understanding the journey we will be talking together. These skills are the foundation for making sense of money and addressing many of the issues that derail us from living our best lives.


Projecting into the Future

In this path we build on the Learning path, and project your priorities and visions into the future – and help make a plan to get you there! This path starts with a value and priority assessment – a way to understand where you are in your complex journey with money. We believe that money is a responsibility and the goal of this path is to walk along side you as we discuss and navigate projecting your money into the future. Whether it is investments, savings plans, giving, or saving, we would love to learn with you and share with you the joy that can come when money is not holding you back, but fueling your future.


Sharing - Being in Community

We recognize that EVERYONE has something to bring, and that we ALL can learn something from what others bring to the table. Our sharing path is about living in community – about sharing your experiences – about telling the stories that have happened to you that are truly remarkable. We all have experienced things that we could not have navigated on our own, things that seem to be miracles or perhaps we need help seeing the amazing interventions that have occurred in our life – and sharing is the path for that. It is by sharing that we connect, that we learn and that we grow. 

Money Talk is a pilot program here at PPC, where we aim to walk with people during their complex journey navigating money and life. We bring compassion, faith and hope to all our encounters – so if you are tired of the same old money talks, give PPC a try and see how community, hope and faith can help lessen the load we sometimes find ourselves carrying.


May grace and peace be with you this day, and every day forward.