Organized in 1845, the congregation of Parkville Presbyterian Church called six other buildings home before construction began on our present facility in 1948. The first service was held January 12, 1950 in the fellowship hall and the sanctuary was dedicated in May 1952. Other new additions were dedicated in 1961 and 2006.

From the beginning, PPC has been a central part of the Parkville community. Founded by the same Colonel Park (along with other faithful Presbyterians) who founded the town and, later, the nearby university, the church has been a center for community service, social events, and the proclamation of an enduring faith at the heart of it all.

In the 1800s, early ministers of the church, raised and educated on the East coast, despaired upon arriving in the frontier town of Parkville. They saw the dirt roads, and all the people dancing and playing cards, and wondered if it would even be possible to establish a church in such rough conditions.

Still, their witness has endured for almost 175 years. Parkville Presbyterians were essential to the founding of nearby Park University (then college), and maintained close ties with the college for several decades. Their witness has even endured through the transformation of Parkville into a modern small town (with paved roads and everything!) and the continued love, fellowship, and mission of the church.

The late Rev. James Teener, representing the Presbytery at the installation of the cornerstone (pictured left) in 1949, stated “When this building is finished, it will become a dead building. As a congregation you must put life into it. The only way you can put life into this building is to increase your faith in Jesus and your love for your fellow man.”

We continue to strive to meet this challenge at Parkville Presbyterian Church.