Our Sunday morning worship services are at 8:30 and 11:00 am. The 8:30 service is a smaller, quieter, and more intimate worship offering, while the 11:00 service blends traditional and contemporary elements in a rich tapestry of worship and praise.

Both services reflect the deep, rich, and relevant Presbyterian tradition, while also listening for the new movement of the Holy Spirit. Our services build up to and then respond to the Word of God, proclaimed in Scripture, sermon, and song. And each Sunday morning, having heard the Word, we are sent out to live the Word in our church, community, and world.

Presbyterians are ‘Reformed and always being re-formed’ by the Holy Spirit and by the Word, so we’re always ready for God to do something new in our midst.

For all three services, dress is casual, and everyone is welcome to every part of worship. Childcare is available, but we love squirmy, giggly, wonderful kids, and all their wild bursts, and we’re glad to have their noisy selves in the sanctuary.

We’re always looking for folks who can pitch in and help make worship possible—by setting the space in the sanctuary, leading the people in prayer, reading Scripture, and more. Contact Pastor Steve to get involved!


Music at Parkville Pres is diverse and alive. On any given Sunday, you may hear Beethoven, sing a modern praise song, or join in one of the great, classic hymns of the Christian tradition. In worship, as in all things, we seek to be a people who are rooted in our heritage, but also listening and speaking to the world around us.

There are many ways to participate in the music ministry of PPC. We have a large, active, vibrant choir that gives a musical offering at our 11 am worship service. They practice on Wednesday nights at 7 pm and Sunday mornings at 10:30, and all voices are welcome! There’s also a regular place for other ensembles and soloists, who offer their gifts of voice, instrument, and praise.

Contact Paul Erickson to learn more and get involved!

Sunday School

For kids and adults of all ages, we have opportunities for faith formation every Sunday from 9:40 am to 10:40 am. The kids gather at 9:40 for a time of singing and praising God in worship, and then move to their individual classes, where they come to know God’s Word and God’s ways.

Adults can participate in one of two special classes.

Faith & Families
“Faith & Families” is not your typical Sunday School class.  This class functions as a small group to provide spiritual and moral support to families attending PPC.  Keeping in mind that contemporary families come in “many shapes and sizes”, this group discusses and contemplates issues affecting married couples, single adults, parents (and child-rearing), dating, family dynamics and caring for aging parents.  Faith & Families meets every Sunday during the Sunday School Hour in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  The first 20 minutes are usually spent in social conversation, checking in with members, getting to know one another and discussing the week’s “hot topics”.  The rest of class is devoted to a wide variety of curriculum that the group chooses on a quarterly basis (more or less).  The group fluctuates between books studies, visiting experts who can speak to specific topics, biblical history, contemporary videos or facilitator-led discussions about topics that are on the minds of our members.  Faith & Families also gets together socially throughout the year whenever the spirit moves us!

Meanwhile, our Sojourners class is for adults of every age and circumstance exploring the depth and breadth of faith. In recent months, the class has delved into the life and legend of St. Francis of Assisi, the meaning of grace, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the Gospel of Matthew. Led by a rotation of pastors, thinkers, and expert teachers, the Sojourners are seeking God’s way on the path of faith.

Contact Pastor Steve to learn more about adult and kids’ Sunday School!

Small Groups

Joining a small group is a great way to get to know people, learn more about faith, and bring that learning to life through service and prayer.

At PPC, new small groups are forming all the time. Currently, a group of emerging adults in their 20s and 30s meet on Tuesday evening at 7pm to study the Bible and share the joys and challenges of figuring out life. We call this 20/30 Vision, and all emerging adults are welcome anytime!

If you would like to join an existing small group or are interested in being part of a new one, contact Pastor Steve. The journey is more fruitful when we take it together.

Bible Study

All are welcome to participate in the pastor’s sermon preparation Bible study on Tuesday nights at 6 pm. Each Tuesday, a diverse group of people with all kinds of crazy ideas sit with the pastor and read the passage that will be preached on Sunday. For the pastor, it’s a great way to understand the questions, thoughts, and (mis)understandings folks will have when they hear the Scripture on Sunday. For others, it’s a chance to learn more about the Bible, hear the message in finished and unfinished forms, and help a message come to life for Sunday morning.

Whether you are new to the faith, old to the faith, or somewhere in between, your insight is valuable, and you’ll learn something along the way. Come and join us!

For more information, contact Pastor Steve at stevenandrews@parkvillepresby.org.


 Women’s Circles

Women’s Circles are monthly gatherings of Presbyterian Women—and if you’re a woman who has attended our church even once, you are a Presbyterian Woman. Evening Circle meets on the first Monday of the month at 7 pm at the homes of its members. Circle III meets on the first Thursday at 10 am at the church. Both groups participate in mission projects and offer support, fellowship, comfort, and prayer to those in need.

This year, both groups are gathering around the Presbyterian Women study, Who is Jesus?, which seeks to make sense of the four Gospels and their unique perspectives, and to shed new light on Jesus’ identity, mission, and ministry. The study is designed so that new people can always join in.

For more information, contact Dixie Selvidge (816-505-2689) or Nancy Ebberts (816-587-5790).

Stewardship Messages

These inspiring messages and stories have been shared as part of our 2017 stewardship campaign, but the stories they impart and the vision they share are profound, and we are sharing them here with anyone who would like to get to know the church.

What Worship means to me

Randy Smith tells us about the meaning of worship in his life, and how his life has been transformed, slowly and for the better, by worship here.


Risk-Taking Mission

Linda Tillinghast shares a story from the SPEAC food pantry, an interdenominational non-profit hosted at our church, about the good work it does.


A Life Transformed by PPC’s Hospitality, Worship, and Mission

Kathy Plack came to know us during a difficult time in her life, and for her, the church came along at just the right time.


A Note from Pastor Steve

Pastor Steve shares his experiences leading the youth group, and what it would mean–and what it would take–for PPC to hire a youth director.


A Journey in Faith

Johanna Strother has found new life through generosity, and encourages you to find your own generosity journey.


The Value of a Building

PPC donates an estimated $240,000 each year in free use of space for community groups. Learn more here!


Our Opportunity of a Lifetime

The church transforms us so we can transform others. Doug Ballou describes his personal journey of transformation.