As Parkville Presbyterian Church prepares to reopen its sanctuary for Sunday morning worship, we are curious about the needs and preferences of our worshiping community, both those who plan to worship in-person and those who plan to continue to worship online. Thank you for taking the time to respond to the following questions. For those who are in households with multiple members of our worshiping community, we would encourage each person who is able and willing to fill out the survey individually.


Covid Survey
As the church reopens its sanctuary for Sunday morning worship, do you plan to worship in person or continue to worship online? *
Thinking back on your experience of online worship, or looking forward to your continued experience of online worship, what worship format would you prefer?
If your plan is to continue with online worship, how would you like to engage in fellowship and faith formation through the church? *


As we move into an uncertain future, it is possible that a spike in COVID-19 cases in our area or overwhelmed ICUs could lead us to close the sanctuary again. But no matter what happens in the headlines, we intend to continue to nurture a vital online church community. For that reason, your participation in this survey is appreciated. If you have additional feedback, please contact Pastor Steve at 816-351-4993 orĀ