The Way

Sundays at 6 pm

“The Way” is a gathering where we prepare and eat dinner, sing songs that make community, and have deep conversations of spiritual relevance. If you’re not fed by Sunday morning worship, or you can’t make it on Sunday morning, or you’d just like something extra to invigorate your spiritual journey, join us on Sundays at 6!

As Lent and Easter fade into the rear-view mirror, and our Sunday morning worship explores Ephesians and “The Meaning of Life,” we’ll do something different at The Way, digging into Ecclesiastes and it’s pithy declaration of the meaninglessness of life. Is it really all just vanity, and a chasing after the wind? Where do we find meaning in the world, and what are the things that will always disappoint us? Come explore these questions and more, as we plumb the depths of this book of ancient wisdom.