Sojourners Class

Sunday School

Sundays, 9:40am

Taught by a wide range of master teachers from inside and outside the congregation, the Sojourners explore ethics, theology, Scripture, and how to apply them all in our modern time. All are welcome to join them on their spiritual pilgrimage! In January, we’re drawing from Jewish midrash and twentieth-century scholarship as we present insights from Elie Wiesel’s “Messengers of God: Biblical Portraits and Legends.” In February, join Rev. John Brentlinger as we dive into “Following Jesus: Ministry in Gaililee.”  Class sessions will focus on significant events in the life of Jesus during his second year of ministry, beginning with his entry into Galilee proclaiming the kingdom of God draws near. The intent is to examine the historical and geographical setting of each event to help illuminate their meaning for our faith and practice. Each class is a stand-alone lesson that will have a combination of presentation, bible study, and discussion.